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Generation University™

This course is composed of a single survey and is a required prerequisite to any of the courses within the Generation University. 

This course covers a fundamental understanding of the concept of a multi-generational workforce, including defining generations, importance, and common errors.

This course enables you to understand the drivers behind common Gen Y/Millennial stereotypes and how to transform them into positive strengths.

This course covers specific strategies for working with Gen Y/Millennials in the work place.

This final course requires demonstration of your understanding of the multi-generational workplace and successful completion results in being awarded the Multi-Generation Work Certification.

Effectively Managing Millennials

Organized by Drucker's 5 principles of management philosophy, this course teaches strategies for the specific challenges of managing Millennials effectively,improving productivity, engagement, and retention.

Millennials as Managers™

The objective of this course is to help you:

  • Identify the unique challenges Millennial Manager often encounter
  • Develop strategies and capability to overcome these challenges
  • Ultimately, become a more effective manager, making your and your direct reports lives easier and more positive on a daily basis.
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