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:About Online Courses

If this is your first time taking an online course, you may be intimidated or excited to learn something new! Some of the benefits of taking a course online are:

  • Self-paced: Pick a time where you will be most focused, around your schedule
  • Individual Engagement: Whereas in a classroom there are many voices, here you have a chance to contribute your individual thoughts
  • Variety of Media: We incorporate text, video, images, and activities so you can learn in the way you prefer
  • Interactive: You will get what out what you put into this course. Actual text reading time for a course may be less than an hour, but the thought and effort you put into application during the activities will make the difference in what you learn.

Before you start, consider scheduling a time in your calendar for this class. Consider also the environment - best time of day, cleared space - where you will be able to concentrate and engage the most. Close any other program windows, including Outlook or your email service during this time.

:Navigating the Website

On the Home page, you can see what courses you are registered for and click on a title to access the course. No matter what page you are on, you can always use the navigation block on the right hand side to enter the courses. Also, note the top navigation bar that tells you where you are.

Home View - This is the main home page for all users.

Main Nav 2

:Navigating Inside a Course

Inside the course, there are several navigation tools.

The main course page contains a sequential listing of the topics in the course. To begin a course, click the first topic. From the main course page, you can also see Your Course Progress. 

Course Navigation

While within a topic, you can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page to move forward to the next topic. You can also see where you are at and navigate back to the course page using the top navigation bar.

Page Navigation


Within each module, there are various kinds of topics and activities you will complete:

  • Pages - a page is regular web page, containing text, images, and video. On this page, you will read and watch content.
  • Assignment - Assignments are activities in which you will upload a document or write in an open text box in response to a question or case study.
  • Quiz - Quizzes are knowledge checks composed of multiple choice, matching, short answer, and long answer questions.
  • Reflection Journal - In a Reflection Journal, you will respond to a long answer question. Simply click "Start or edit my journal entry" to respond and then click "Save changes" to submit.
  • Discussion Forum - In a Discussion Forum, not only are you able to reply to a question, but you can view other students' response and reply too. Simply click "Reply" to the question posted to post your response. Click "Post to Forum" after you have entered your response and are ready to submit.
  • Surveys - Surveys will be used to get feedback and are made of ranking, multiple choice, short answer, and long answer questions.

:Additional Features

Useful Links

Useful Links

Text to Speech

Another feature of this course is the Text to Speech button - you can have each page read to you using the play button in the top left hand corner. Also, if you double click on the text, it will automatically begin to read the text out loud to you.

Text to Speech

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