Generation University™ enables introductory level knowledge of generational differences and working across generations. Completion of 4 carefully designed courses allows you to gain the Multi-Generation Workplace Capability Certificate. This is the first step to a positive, collaborative workplace of the future - making your everyday work relationships easier and more effective.

  • Introduction to Gen Y/Millennials in the Context of Generational Cohorts
  • Gen Y Analysis: Reframing Generation Y's Stereotypes
  • Gen Y In the Workplace: Managing, Working In Teams, & Leading
  • Final Certificate: Analysis of Your Workplace

This course is only accessible by internal trainers and facilitators who have purchased the Blended Learning Package as a part of the Generation University™ program. The Gen U Blended Learning Package provides an offline curricula to complement the 4 online courses. The recommended program sequence takes 7 weeks, with alternating weeks of online and offline coursework. For more information, please contact

This course is composed of a single survey and is a required prerequisite to any of the courses within the Generation University. 

Generations In the Workplace

By the end of this course, you will be able to summarize the basic characteristics and importance of generational science and today's multi-generation workplace.

  • Define the term "generation”

  • Explain the basis for generational science and demography

  • Describe the defining characteristics and influential events for the five generations in the workforce today

  • Justify the importance of embracing multi-generational diversity in the workplace

  • Discuss the subjective biases that should be considered before forming perceptions about generations

StS FrameworkBy the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the origins and complexities of the generational stereotypes we hold ourselves and observe in others.
  • Apply the Stereotype to Strength Framework to reframe and leverage generational traits, especially in regards to Millennials
  • Demonstrate appreciation for the formative events that influenced each generation and their resulting attitudes and behaviors
  • Display commitment to reframing perceptions positively
By end of this course, you will be able to discuss possible approaches to complement your strengths and collaborate effectively with Gen Y in a variety of situations including:
  • Leveraging Gen Y/Millennial employees on a Team
  • Managing Gen Y/Millennial employees
  • Managing Up Effectively with Gen Y/Millennial Managers


In this final course, you will demonstrate your understanding of generations and how to leverage them in the workplace by analyzing your workplace. Completion of this course results in receiving your Generation University certificate for in Multi-Generational Workplace Capability.