Welcome to the Generations Courses by Invati!

Invati specializes in training, consulting, and speaking regarding working across generations and the workplace of the future. We are excited to have you participate in our course(s) and that your organization has elected to take the first step towards building an effective, positive, multi-generational workplace culture. Our programs include:

· Generation University™
· Effectively Managing Millennials
· Millennials as Managers

This online system is accessible 24/7. It is a two-way, learner-content interactive course - it is not a web based training or typical e-learning format. Rather, it is similar to distance learning programs. Be prepared to engage and provide your full focus to this program by clearing space and time on your calendar and work area. Each course should take ~2 hours.

At any time, you can navigate the courses using the "Access Courses Here" block on the right side of the screen. Use the drop down arrows next to the program name to locate the courses.

Scroll down to see and access the courses you are registered for. It may also be helpful to take a look at the Help and Support page for instructions on how to use the site. 

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